Finding Happiness

The way I see it – we spend a small golden slice of our time happy, excited – loving and feeling loved. We spend a lot of our time being okay – not happy, but not doing badly – just cruising – getting stuff done, building a life we can be proud of.Related image

We also spend a fair bit of our time feeling that darker pull. But we manage to skim over the top of it, move on & not dwell on it significantly. Just functioning, straining forward against the weight, trying to spot a ray of light around the next bend of the road.Image result for happy aesthetic

And finally, we make up the rest of our time getting punched out by our evil twin. Ruled by our worse fears, we assume the worst of others and start emotionally fight-clubbing with ourselves. All is black. It seems like it always has been. And always will.

But the bad times do pass – the dull times roll by … and around that magical bend in the road, the good times always come again. Maybe only for a splinter of time. Maybe you often go a while between drinks. But they do come. In the flicker of a smile. A burst of laughter that takes you by surprise. The sun on your back – an arm around the shoulder. Little precious buds of life … indescribably beautiful and so worth living for.


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