There is something about the world we live in that continues to bother me and I know I need to continue to speak out about it. Why is it that the society we live in continues to seek out and prize individuals who speak quickly, loudly, and aggressively?


I’ve seen people tired of feeling like they need to speak quicker, think quicker, and be different when the way they work is slow, methodical, and thoughtful, and I know they have great ideas and powerful points to bring to the table but why is there only one presentation of ideas that is prioritized over others? Having to take a second to gather oneself before thinking is important so that the person doesn’t just ramble.

It’s also extremely triggering when someone tells them that, “I’m running out of time.”, when the person is trying to articulate oneself, especially when they know what that person has gone through.

Neuro-diversity is a beautiful and powerful thing, Neuro-ableism is NOT. Why do people keep trying to prioritize one type of thinking/speaking/processing over another?


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