Be stupid

I am stupid. This is stupid. You’re stupid. God, you’re so stupid. And that’s why this is so wonderful, that’s my message to you today. Be stupid. Just once, really often. Because when you embrace the stupidity in your life, you really live.


The dictionary defines stupidity as a person or a situation that showcases a lack of common sense. I submit to you that common sense is over-rated. And much worse than that it’s common. DID YOU LIKE THAT? I liked that, it’s like my thug moment here.

So here’s the question, how do you be stupid? Like doing what we just did, by taking 20 seconds before you enter a situation to consider what is ridiculous about it and laughing. And letting that courage because that’s all laughter is. It’s courage leading you to do one stupid thing. Now I know what you’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound realistic.” But guys I submit to you that neither is life. Life is not realistic, life is bold and painful and ecstatic and over-whelming, why are you trying to cope with that with taped emotions in your pocket? You’re a beast. *dabs* Be dramatic. Be bold but first be stupid.

And start really small, be stupid in meetings. Meetings, guys is where people pretend to be interested in other people but they are actually interested in things. Take a second before you go into these meetings and think about how ridiculous they are. Then go in there and say the one thing that you were not supposed to say. The best case scenario you win them over. The worst case scenario, you are fired, jobless, homeless but still MEMORABLE. I promise you no one remembers the people who agreed with them. If a bold Indian man with spectacles turned around and said: “Hey, we should be an independent country.” And everyone would say yeah alright, he would just be known as Mohandas. But because people disagreed with him and he had to fight, he is now known as Mahatma Gandhi.


Be stupid in love, get your heart broken, shoot for way above your league. Say outrageously romantic things, propose after a week. Go big, go home PROBABLY ALONE but do it. The worst thing that can happen is you get a reputation that is someone mushy and clingy or needy. And as you get older you realize those words actually mean generous and bold and NEEDY.

Send stupid emails, I’m serious. End your emails with things like “Yours Hungrily” And my favorite “xoxo$$##&&~” that makes you think like you hit your keyboard really angrily or typed in germen OR both. I like to use abbreviations that people can’t understand. I end my emails with HAHAHAHALOM. Just to leave people wondering, “laugh out mouth?” They’ll either love your email or hate them and show them to everybody but either way, they’ll be looking forward to them.

So before I end this rant, I say be stupid. Just once, often, unapologetically and deliberately. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Somebody will call you stupid? Somebody will tell you that your whole life is a joke? I’m saying you should be that somebody. I’m saying you should own it. And on the day your life flashes before your eyes, be it on your death bed or creepily every day on Instagram, you’ll be laughing. And laughter is courage.


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