Metanoia (the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life)

We all have friends or we had, some are making memories with their fellows, while some are trying to move on, or those who have moved on might be beaming with tears in their eyes when they come across something which reminds them of their buddies.

As we matured and grew up, things changed. Every single close friend left. Every person you trusted with your heart broke it. They walked away. All of those friendships you thought you couldn’t live without end. Life isn’t easy, almost everyone’s striving through it but on different levels.

The time spent with friends is really a golden time period of life, they believe in you, they challenge you, they accept you. They give you an unconditional acceptance that you have never felt before, but when these friends, who meant the world to you just leave you behind like you don’t matter, well it hurts, friends who used to make you feel so special once, today make you feel so minor. Most of us have at least one ‘frenemy’ – slang for an enemy masquerading as a friend



But its okay, its better to move on the way they did, there’s no need to apologize and go back to the “friends” who didn’t even bother to ask if you’re okay or not to those friends who are just going fine without you, and the ones whose ego is more valuable than your feelings. Sometimes its really okay to be alone and that’s what is good for you. Because your self-respect matters more than other people around you who just keep on judging Y’all for being “YOU”.

Feelings are invested, secrets are divulged, hearts are opened. Once these bonds have been made, it’s hard to walk away, even when your friend is behaving badly. I’m not saying its easy, but it’s not even that hard all you need to do is “Try” you need to move on and stay strong. And that’s only how you’ll be able to teach yourself “how to survive alone in a crowded place”. Change and loss can feel like deception, but it is not always meant that way. As we move through different life stages, it is not unusual that some of our friendships receive less attention. Further, being disillusioned by a friend is a normal and even expected part of a healthy developmental process.

They criticise your loyal boyfriend, turn their nose up at your favorite outfits and induce feelings of paranoia and self-doubt. They spread rumors about you, rumors come and go. But if you lose your temper and show your bad to the people they will remember it for the rest of their lives.
679b7d6b6f30ceaed7ffb74fd7a0cd85--short-strong-quotes-deep-life-quotes-short.jpgSo all I want to say is chin up and hang out with people who make you forget to check your phone.

“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”- D.H. Sidebottom



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