Yes there is a fine line between love and lust


People gazed my skin, my body
I wish I would find somebody
Who could peal off the layers
Of my soul, not some players
No one saw my silent tears
The girl inside and her fears
I had to hide all my mysteries
I was afraid to be judged eerie
You came and made a raid
“Trust me” was all you said
I judged you to be a flirt
Trying to get under my skirt
I thought you wouldn’t stand
But you wanted to understand
Why I had those marks
Why I lived in the dark
You loved me without any lust
Cleansed my heart from its rust
You gave me what I never had
Respect; that I needed bad
However hard I had tried
Your love for me never dried
I showed you all my scars
But you never pushed me far
You were an angel I knew
I wish I could start new
I failed to scare you away
Now I want you to stay
I love you for being my ray
Showing me the right way


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