To all the parents out there

I know that I’m just a mess
I am a loser, I hereby confess
You raised me to catch your fall
I was a fool with posters on my wall
I hoped you would realize one day
I gave my all to make you say
“Proud of you, you’ve done well”
I killed my dreams and faced hell
I tried and failed to live for all
Dreams and hopes; I lost them all
You wanted me to chase success
I’m sorry I can’t take the stress
You never heard my cold sigh
You raised the bar further high
With time I left my friends behind
Deleted all my plans in mind
Then I realized your master plan
I was a show off for your clan
I was shocked at the lamb’s fate
Grown for slaughter by his own mate
I’ve let you down all my life
I say this with a colored knife


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