The disputable topic of Attention Seeking


I think one of the most hurtful things you can say to a person suffering from depression is that they are being dramatic or overreacting.

An attention seeker is someone who acts solely in a way that is geared towards garnering the attention of other people. The attention they get makes them feel better about themselves, boosts their self-esteem, and it doesn’t matter if that attention is good or bad. Is it a mental illness? Yes it is. Does it matter to people? No it doesn’t.

Social media users with a large number of “friends” are happier than those who don’t use social media. That is a myth. Comparing how wonderful everyone else’s life appears on Facebook with your seemingly less-than-perfect existence can really bum you out. A happy person is supposed to be joyous, playful with absolutely no sad thought. But if that same person comes up to you out of nowhere revealing their depression and want to talk about it, why is it attention seeking? No one has a perfect life, everyone has flaws, bad pasts and most of all everyone feels pain. We live in a society where every single person has become judgmental, they judge you for your behavior, and they judge you for who you are, what you wear and what we are supposed to do. Our feelings are not supposed to be controlled by the people.

Sometimes when you feel so much pain on the inside, self harming is a way of showing the pain on the outside not necessarily displaying your scars to everyone but unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize how bad someone can be feeling mentally because of a lack of understanding. People understand physical pain and hurt a lot easier, than mental pain.


Some people have the view that anyone who self harms, makes a suicide threat or tries and fails to commit suicide is an attention seeker. I guess sometimes that can be the case and some people do these things because they want any attention. I don’t think that makes them a bad person, believe it or not there are reasons some people do these things in a non direct way of ‘attention seeking’  I don’t even like using that word to describe it.  It’s hard to understand unless you have been through it yourself. One thing I need to clear up is I am not saying everyone who does self harm or attempts suicide does it for attention, there are many reason why someone might self harm such as: self hate, a way of seeing the pain they feel inside on the outside, a release,  a coping mechanism or despair, there are so many reasons.

Ever wondered why people are divided into liking Hannah Baker and absolutely disliking her. Well because those who like are so called attention seekers and the others? Well they are just like Bryce walker, they scoff and talk behind your back. They talk bad about you and people around that person starts hating them.

Spreading fake rumors, false exaggerated stories lead to people seeing dirt on the victim. They look at them with disgust in their eyes. One little rumor is enough to literally ruin someone’s life just like that. All the walls built come shattering down.

You do that and you get revenge? Fair enough. You get everyone on your side? Oh that’s fair as well. You left that person alone forgetting that that was the person who took your side that was the person who never left you alone. Attention-seeking behavior inevitably involves other people, who at best waste their time by becoming irritated by it, or they become an unwitting player in a fabricated melodrama. At worst, people can find that they have been manipulated, conned, harmed etc. by it.

People like Megan Fox, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus are suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder which in other words is called Attention seeking. So the purpose of this rant was, it’s easy to be positive when everything is working out. It’s much harder, much much harder when nothing is working out. You will be knocked down but you must get up. Keep fighting. Dig deep and discover your true Strength. Make sure your story is one of strength. Make sure your story is one of someone who refused to give up. Refused to settle. Refused to be normal.

Keep going. Your future self is begging you. I do hope someone out there related to what I wrote about, if you have ever been called an attention seeker yourself or just found this informative and helped you understand this topic more.

Stay Strong.


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