Be stupid

I am stupid. This is stupid. You’re stupid. God, you’re so stupid. And that’s why this is so wonderful, that’s my message to you today. Be stupid. Just once, really often. Because when you embrace the stupidity in your life, you really live.


The dictionary defines stupidity as a person or a situation that showcases a lack of common sense. I submit to you that common sense is over-rated. And much worse than that it’s common. DID YOU LIKE THAT? I liked that, it’s like my thug moment here.

So here’s the question, how do you be stupid? Like doing what we just did, by taking 20 seconds before you enter a situation to consider what is ridiculous about it and laughing. And letting that courage because that’s all laughter is. It’s courage leading you to do one stupid thing. Now I know what you’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound realistic.” But guys I submit to you that neither is life. Life is not realistic, life is bold and painful and ecstatic and over-whelming, why are you trying to cope with that with taped emotions in your pocket? You’re a beast. *dabs* Be dramatic. Be bold but first be stupid.

And start really small, be stupid in meetings. Meetings, guys is where people pretend to be interested in other people but they are actually interested in things. Take a second before you go into these meetings and think about how ridiculous they are. Then go in there and say the one thing that you were not supposed to say. The best case scenario you win them over. The worst case scenario, you are fired, jobless, homeless but still MEMORABLE. I promise you no one remembers the people who agreed with them. If a bold Indian man with spectacles turned around and said: “Hey, we should be an independent country.” And everyone would say yeah alright, he would just be known as Mohandas. But because people disagreed with him and he had to fight, he is now known as Mahatma Gandhi.


Be stupid in love, get your heart broken, shoot for way above your league. Say outrageously romantic things, propose after a week. Go big, go home PROBABLY ALONE but do it. The worst thing that can happen is you get a reputation that is someone mushy and clingy or needy. And as you get older you realize those words actually mean generous and bold and NEEDY.

Send stupid emails, I’m serious. End your emails with things like “Yours Hungrily” And my favorite “xoxo$$##&&~” that makes you think like you hit your keyboard really angrily or typed in germen OR both. I like to use abbreviations that people can’t understand. I end my emails with HAHAHAHALOM. Just to leave people wondering, “laugh out mouth?” They’ll either love your email or hate them and show them to everybody but either way, they’ll be looking forward to them.

So before I end this rant, I say be stupid. Just once, often, unapologetically and deliberately. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Somebody will call you stupid? Somebody will tell you that your whole life is a joke? I’m saying you should be that somebody. I’m saying you should own it. And on the day your life flashes before your eyes, be it on your death bed or creepily every day on Instagram, you’ll be laughing. And laughter is courage.


Metanoia (the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life)

We all have friends or we had, some are making memories with their fellows, while some are trying to move on, or those who have moved on might be beaming with tears in their eyes when they come across something which reminds them of their buddies.

As we matured and grew up, things changed. Every single close friend left. Every person you trusted with your heart broke it. They walked away. All of those friendships you thought you couldn’t live without end. Life isn’t easy, almost everyone’s striving through it but on different levels.

The time spent with friends is really a golden time period of life, they believe in you, they challenge you, they accept you. They give you an unconditional acceptance that you have never felt before, but when these friends, who meant the world to you just leave you behind like you don’t matter, well it hurts, friends who used to make you feel so special once, today make you feel so minor. Most of us have at least one ‘frenemy’ – slang for an enemy masquerading as a friend



But its okay, its better to move on the way they did, there’s no need to apologize and go back to the “friends” who didn’t even bother to ask if you’re okay or not to those friends who are just going fine without you, and the ones whose ego is more valuable than your feelings. Sometimes its really okay to be alone and that’s what is good for you. Because your self-respect matters more than other people around you who just keep on judging Y’all for being “YOU”.

Feelings are invested, secrets are divulged, hearts are opened. Once these bonds have been made, it’s hard to walk away, even when your friend is behaving badly. I’m not saying its easy, but it’s not even that hard all you need to do is “Try” you need to move on and stay strong. And that’s only how you’ll be able to teach yourself “how to survive alone in a crowded place”. Change and loss can feel like deception, but it is not always meant that way. As we move through different life stages, it is not unusual that some of our friendships receive less attention. Further, being disillusioned by a friend is a normal and even expected part of a healthy developmental process.

They criticise your loyal boyfriend, turn their nose up at your favorite outfits and induce feelings of paranoia and self-doubt. They spread rumors about you, rumors come and go. But if you lose your temper and show your bad to the people they will remember it for the rest of their lives.
679b7d6b6f30ceaed7ffb74fd7a0cd85--short-strong-quotes-deep-life-quotes-short.jpgSo all I want to say is chin up and hang out with people who make you forget to check your phone.

“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”- D.H. Sidebottom



Yes there is a fine line between love and lust


People gazed my skin, my body
I wish I would find somebody
Who could peal off the layers
Of my soul, not some players
No one saw my silent tears
The girl inside and her fears
I had to hide all my mysteries
I was afraid to be judged eerie
You came and made a raid
“Trust me” was all you said
I judged you to be a flirt
Trying to get under my skirt
I thought you wouldn’t stand
But you wanted to understand
Why I had those marks
Why I lived in the dark
You loved me without any lust
Cleansed my heart from its rust
You gave me what I never had
Respect; that I needed bad
However hard I had tried
Your love for me never dried
I showed you all my scars
But you never pushed me far
You were an angel I knew
I wish I could start new
I failed to scare you away
Now I want you to stay
I love you for being my ray
Showing me the right way

Self approval

“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”- The Fault in our stars

Look at that girl, broken and bruised, terrified to move on. Afraid to accept who she is, what she has become. Long sleeves used to be of great help, in her case, they used to hide away her purple bruises once she returned from the school. No one could make out why she used to sleep so much, why was her pillow wet when she used to wake up, why she used to limp while walking. No one bothered asking. Her hair like a bird’s nest once she retired from the school. Why blades decorated the cupboards of her room. Why?

I’ll tell you why. She was the one whose hair, was pulled every day, she was the one on whom pranks were executed. She was the one who had a long purple scar on her back. She was the one with nail marks on her wrists. Last but not the least, she was the one whose skin was covered with filthy handprints. Handprints of rascals, connivers, deceivers, even handymen, folks she’d never imagine would touch her. Her life was a silhouette, just the outline, no one really knew her, no one really saw her true self. The sun was right behind her and her body was completely silhouetted against the blaring light. That is just how life was treating her, she had forgotten how to breathe, how to survive, how to feel. That girl was me.


I had always been a shy one, keeping a low profile and moving on with life. I always used to glare at the reflection that greeted me in the mirror. Brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin also it was horrible to look at, pieced together on my face. There’s a point when most people exercise that their body says, “take a break” and being sane, most people listen. However, when my body used to give me that slight warning, I used to push and push until I was lying on the floor. A lady takes small bites…Demure women don’t wolf down their food…Sit up tall and push up your chest lightly, pretty girls need good posture. These words were ingrained in my head since I was eleven.

As children we’re able to accept ourselves only to the degree we feel accepted by our parents. For example, parents may convey to us the overall message that we’re selfish–or not attractive enough, clever enough, good or “nice” enough . . . and so on. As a result of what most mental health professionals would agree reflects a subtle form of emotional abuse, almost all of us come to regard ourselves as only conditionally acceptable. Happiness and self-acceptance go hand in hand. In fact, your level of self-acceptance determines your level of happiness. The more self-acceptance you have, the more happiness you’ll allow yourself to accept, receive and enjoy. In other words, you enjoy as much happiness as you believe you’re worthy of.


Only when we can better understand and pardon ourselves for things that earlier we assumed must be all our fault can we secure the relationship to self that till now has eluded us. I am not ashamed of my scars anymore, I am not afraid of wearing half sleeves now, I am not uncomfortable to tell anyone that a nasty human being has touched me. This is who I am now. The famous French expression, “Tout comprendre, c’est tout excuser” (literally, “to understand all is to pardon all”) is a dictum that we ought to apply at least as much to ourselves as to others.

We may need to remind ourselves that our various weaknesses are part of what makes us human. So in the pursuit of genuine self-acceptance, we might even want to take a certain pride in our imperfections. After all, were we beyond criticism in the first place, we’d never have the opportunity to rise to this uniquely human trial.

Stay strong ❤

To all the parents out there

I know that I’m just a mess
I am a loser, I hereby confess
You raised me to catch your fall
I was a fool with posters on my wall
I hoped you would realize one day
I gave my all to make you say
“Proud of you, you’ve done well”
I killed my dreams and faced hell
I tried and failed to live for all
Dreams and hopes; I lost them all
You wanted me to chase success
I’m sorry I can’t take the stress
You never heard my cold sigh
You raised the bar further high
With time I left my friends behind
Deleted all my plans in mind
Then I realized your master plan
I was a show off for your clan
I was shocked at the lamb’s fate
Grown for slaughter by his own mate
I’ve let you down all my life
I say this with a colored knife

Are emotions necessary for human survival?

“Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.”
― Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses

deepak-chopraGenerally, yes, emotions are necessary because they’re primary motivators for our behavior/survival. On the other hand, logical reasoning might be enough for our survival. For example, fear can help you avoid taking risks and is necessary for survival but so is logical reasoning. Some people believe that people would die at the age of 5 without fear, which is true to some extent.

Life without emotions would be like a robot world. Yes our life would be effiecent but life would be hell. No happiness for an achievment, can not cry for someone’s lost, no goals, no tension, fair enough the list goes on. Emotions are a way to communicate with your soul, without emotions, we can not comunicate with ourselves. You might not die but will eventually kill yourself from easily preventable situations.

Most people who suffer from depression experience a loss of emotions and it’s a struggle to even get out of bed and do their daily activities. We’d also have no fear of danger or loss so we wouldn’t fight off a threat. No lust or love means no desire to reproduce or form bonds and socialize with one another. Without them we would be just things, like a rock on the ground or a pebble on a beach.


Mothers and fathers love their children so they protect their offspring from predators. Fear of predators. Hatred of an enemy etc. Emotions help you communicate with others more effectively. First, because of the universal facial expressions and body language associated with emotions, we instinctively recognize these emotions in others. This means that someone will be able to guess that you’re feeling sad if you’re crying or that you’re feeling angry if you’re frowning and your hands are clenched into fists.

Think of your emotions as another sense, just like your vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, because they provide information just like any of those other senses. Seeking an emotional balance and developing some resistance to bad feelings can be an important step to improved health.

I think life without emotions is not worth living.



I needed attention, your hand to hold
You were just a cheat like I was told
I’ve suffered a lot I’m not going to bow
I’m free from all your pains now
You never loved me and I lost all hopes
Left me burning now I’m free from ropes
I vanished hoping you’d seek me out
You’re dead to me, what’s this all about ?
Too late for sorries, I’ve chosen my path
I’ll make sure you regret your wrath
You didn’t even notice when I was gone
You were cold and fake to your bone
Don’t hold your breathe, don’t tell no lies
My soul has peace now, I’ve cut my ties
It’s true I don’t deserve your care
Like gold diggers are really “rare”